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Hope means something different to everyone. What does hope mean to you? HOPE 4 MS is here to help encourage and educate you along the way. Together, we are on a journey to pursue hope and overcome the life frustrated by MS.

HOPE 4 MS Community

We extend support, help educate and offer mutual aid


Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic immune-mediated disease that affects nearly a half-million people in the U.S. The majority of people affected by MS are young, employed, and in the prime of their lives. MS can put all that in serious jeopardy. Over 1,000 residents in Northern California are affected by MS.


HOPE 4 MS is a community driven support group, located in Redding, California. Our hope is that those fighting the affects of Multiple Sclerosis will find a safe place where they can share experiences and in turn find encouragement and gain valuable insight from others who know how they feel.

We schedule several events throughout the year with friendship and camaraderie as the foundation for continuing to find strength. Spouses, families and caregivers are welcome to attend events and gain the needed support from their perspective.


We actively seek to provide current information through seminars, round table discussions and online communications. The vision of our support group is to not only be an advocate for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis, but to also play an active role in educating the Greater Redding Area. 

Welcome to our community! Please join us online and our next community event.

Sincerely, Team Hope

Team Hope

Our Journey of Hope


Patricia Johnson

Find out what hope means to me...

Robyn Embree

Find out what hope means to me...

Christa DeMercurio

Find out what hope means to me...

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Our first group meeting was held in October 2004 and we continue to grow and welcome new members, both those who are newly diagnosed patients and those who are long time survivors. All of us are in search of options and new perspectives as we journey through life with this unpredictable and life altering disease.

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